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Anthony Vago

Corporate finance means immersion – it’s the deep-dive into all aspects of the target company’s operations and day-to-day realities. This is a holistic understanding of what makes it tick.


“I believe in a total commitment to both parties – and yes, that can sound hollow. But I do know that investor confidence is based on detail and transparency; and the right sale means a long-term value multiplier that works for both parties.”

Prior to his joining Friday Capital, Anthony practised that dedicated approach at Clairfield Group in Australia & Europe for six years. In addition to his corporate finance advisory background of eight years, he brings a wide range of both international and industry experience to the table.


Much of his thinking is drawn from his experiences in the life sciences sector, where the M&A landscape is as wild as any and where Big Pharma is well resourced and out hunting. He fulfilled the role of a gamekeeper with a plan, facilitating a fairer and better value engagement between uneven partners.

“Some of the best life-sciences firms still lack the financial and strategic knowledge to help them understand their own financial position, or of the true value of their drug development programs. Armed with this, however, they can better negotiate the licensing deals they need – and I supported them with strategies to decide which partners to take on and how much value to give away.”

He strongly discourages firms from short-term band-aid solutions, but instead focus on a long-term capital strategy. It’s important to bring in the right shareholder at the right time, just as there’s the right point in the cycle for the buyer to reach out.


Further back, Anthony worked in Europe for over 20 years in multiple positions, including a ten-year stay as CFO at the European branch of CMR Industria e Comercio – a leading Brazilian textiles company, as well as a private equity analyst at Bank of America and equity analyst at Bank Austria & Rabobank.


His specific skills include transaction management, valuation, financial modelling, financial analysis & due diligence.



+61 406 155 571

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