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Krisztina Vago

With extensive international experience and over 18 years in marketing communications, Krisztina supports the clients of Friday Capital with a well-rounded marketing approach.
“Leveraging the tools and techniques of marketing communications can be the vehicle that takes a company to a whole new level. My task at Friday Capital is to ensure that our clients are presented in the very best light throughout any outbound engagement process. Their messaging, content and presentation should support and be in synchronization with the business strategy provided by our corporate finance advisors.

As the mission of Friday Capital is to provide the highest quality corporate finance advice available for mid-market businesses, we continuously create and share information and insights that enable our clients to be aware of underlying market dynamics and also initiate thought-provoking conversations.”

After spending a decade at M&H Communications PR-agency, Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency and as a project manager at media outlets, Krisztina joined the client-side at an international navigation software company, NNG. Leading the marketing communications team of a white-label automotive B2B company, she gained valuable global experience in markets such as the USA, Germany, Turkey, Russia, China, Japan, India and Australia. Krisztina joined Friday Capital in 2019, and is responsible for marketing support for our clients throughout the transaction process.     


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