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Simon Douglas

Simon brings a wealth of broad business understanding and commercial acumen which is fundamental to the value proposition at Friday Capital. His aim is to help businesses generate value by focusing on what they do well, what they can leverage internally and externally and identifying who truly benefit the most from what they do. All with a single objective to maximise their value and lock it in. 


“It’s a privilege to be engaged to help someone realise the value of their life’s work, value is important, but to a lot of people it’s the legacy they leave behind and the people they have impacted along the journey”. 

Clients can have multiple options available to them at any given time and having a clear set of values to assess the merits of each is fundamental to achieving the right outcome.

With 34 complex transactions to date across a range of industries, Simon’s personal approach has delivered on growth and acquisition finance for mid-market corporates, helped management teams acquire the businesses they are running and helped founders take money off the table and diversify their risk and investment portfolio.

“Getting the right result for a client requires a lot of upfront investment by both parties so partnering early is really important as it helps drive a dynamic process which when coupled with a proprietary transaction, that you both develop, really makes the difference between getting a strategic or financial multiple”

With a well-established network, Simon plays an active role in helping business owners connect with the right people, identify the right parties for a transaction and understand the best sources of capital to get a transaction done. Simon has been in business for over 20 years, with over ten of those in financial services, prior to that he was running his own computer services company. He has previously held roles with boutique advisory firms and domestic and international banks. As a bit of a scholar, Simon holds a Bachelor Degree’s in Computer Science majoring in Programming, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business majoring in Banking. As well as a Masters in Applied Finance (Investment Banking) and an MBA.



+61 434 222 208

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