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Buying into value

We know that most growth strategies put pressure on existing corporate structures and stretch leaders beyond the point of distraction. It will impact your own effectiveness and can stretch your team to breaking point. We understand this. 

Also, how we can work with you to make sure Deal Fever and distraction do not get in the way of doing the right deal well, rather than a cheap deal that costs a lot in the long run. 

That is why our objective is to be by your side for the whole process helping you to analyse, evaluate and execute at each and every step of the way. 


Even with internal resources and a wide skillset, pressure points will surface all along the journey. They need to be either avoided or managed well to complete an optimal transaction without compromising your day-to-day operation.


That’s where we come in.

A particular skillset

Our expertise will allow you to smooth the growth process and maximise results. You can focus on your core operations and revenue streams. Partnering with Friday Capital is a force-multiplier investment at each phase, building sustainable value while locking down your risk.


We will be by your side to plan and execute each element in the buying process, from target identification, valuation and negotiation all the way through to integration planning, due diligence management and transaction completion. 


As your outsourced Corporate Development partner, we can help to accelerate your strategic growth plans and lay that solid foundation for sustainable value creation. 

The buying cycle has been over- simplified for too long. 


In our world, M&A goes way beyond price. A two-dimensional pricing and negotiation view misses the fundamental objective: sustainable value creation.


Ultimately, we add value in the transaction, enabling a partnership dimension with our clients that cannot be underestimated.


Friday Capital’s core goal is to find and help implement the strategic alignment between the buyer and the target on many levels to ensure maximum value is realised and sustained for the long-term benefit of the buyer.

A good transaction is about more than just price. Making sure you don’t overpay for an asset is important, but it’s also about ensuring the target facilitates your strategic objectives, that the risks that come with the acquisition are understood, managed and priced, and that the people on both sides of the transaction are able to work together as one team after the deal is complete.


Right from the very outset, we have these factors and many more in mind, making sure we’ve got your back and helping you build long-term, sustainable value.

We see ourselves as conscientious advisors
– our success is linked to your success.

What we do:



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