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A capital challenge

So you may have reached a phase along your company’s lifecycle that’s screaming out for a capital injection – perhaps you’re in scale-up mode or reaching maturity and fighting for new purpose. But remember, before taking a rash decision, make a judicious one.


Lacking adequate capital can handicap the best plans. Often panic kicks in when business owners discover their projections fall short. So connect with our team at Friday Capital for a thorough and realistic assessment of your situation and needs. Sure we can actively help you raise the capital given that our team expertise has been founded within the financial sector, but we want you to understand the implication of such a capital raise. Will it trigger new value growth or will the dilution and long-term cost outweigh the benefit?


Know your options

Our capital advisory will be based on market analysis from wide-ranging research, taking into account macro factors like monetary policy, demographics and trade data. We also balance our projections with industry thought-leaders, our own real-world experience and the hard facts driving your sector.


We’re bold enough to say that you don’t need to know or understand the capital markets. That’s our role. But you do need to understand your company’s capacity to support new debt or equity in relation to your roadmap.

Not every dollar is created equal

It’s true that not every dollar is created equal, and especially so when you’re thinking about raising capital for your business. Whether its debt or equity, every dollar comes with conditions, so making sure you’re aligned with the right capital providers, with the right mix, will make a big difference to your future.


Raising equity, for example, is the same as selling part of your business. Behind every handshake deal is a detailed due diligence process to make sure the investor is getting exactly what they expected.


Great preparation and minimising management distraction play a big role in maintaining value through the capital raising process. And there’s no disputing it, these processes are invasive and can divert your team effort.


That’s why we steer the operation with a safe and objective pair of hands. We’ll make sure you’re prepared and commercially ready before we take you to market to meet the capital providers and investors that are the best fit for you.


We will spend the time to get to know your business, its strategy and your objectives before we help you design your optimum capital mix. The decision is yours, and together we’ll make it count.

What we do:



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