The point of sale

There comes a time when all business owners feel the urge to take a new direction, and they see a form of divestment as the next step. Is that you?


You are an expert in your field, but your next move could well break new ground – in fact it could be your most ambitious challenge yet.


… so you now face the daunting process that comes with it.


Think legal, accounting, banking, change management, not to mention negotiating long-term value with buyers who manage such transactions over breakfast. You may not be ready, but your life needs to move on.

Maximising value

Whether you’re a listed corporate seeking to divest a non-core division or a family owned business seeking to monetise a generation of hard work and commitment, we recognise that your value is maximised by doing the heavy- lifting up front.


This will be a one-time transaction, therefore it’s critical to know how to make your company “sale ready”, how to mitigate the risks, how to get the market timing right and have confidence that the right buyer can be persuaded to pay top-value because they understand that your business can deliver them greater value over time?

Minimising disruption

We spend the time to understand your business, its value and your objectives
before we start developing your bespoke transaction strategy. We understand
that preparation and minimising management distraction plays a big role in
maintaining value through the sale process.

Time and time again, we deliver client outcomes with a team dynamic that
brings proactivity and energy to the table. Our independence allows us to
draw on the best talent, with no obligations to internal partners.
Critically, we know that
value is maximised by running a professionally
managed process that helps the buyer understand the strategic value they will
generate from completing the acquisition.


While you may want to stride out and close the transaction, instead take a step back. Perhaps your pace and route to the deal can be refined, or indeed there may be a much firmer approach to your objective.


Locating and securing the right buyer, or locking in the appropriate value through strategic divestment, should be more an achievement than a quest. That’s where we come in.


A structured campaign with the appropriate tools and experience will help you avoid the pitfalls. And when we’ve got your back, we are relentless.

Friday Capital can provide that solid footing as your partner throughout the sale journey. This is exactly the team you would want at your side for such an intensive proposition.


We know the personal pressures faced by business leaders during the valuation process. We understand the motivation to cap off your career with the right deal, or that need to achieve peak value to springboard the next venture.


We have, after all, made the climb before. We’ve handled the due diligence, revealed the long-term value to the right buyers, and guided clients to a satisfying sale close.

What may appear daunting at first sight can be brought into focus and within reach when we’re behind you.

What we do:


Friday Capital is proud to be an accredited indigenous organisation by Supply Nation.

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